Box_CDs_Brochures_NGO_v1NGO Membership Level will help you reach more people and raise more money than ever before!

We cut through the confusion and hype around using crowdfunding to raise money for NGOs and nonprofits. Crowdfunding provides a powerful new tool for you to engage the community, increase donations and amplify your message.

With this program you’ll learn Alix and Sherwood’s practical strategies for implementing crowdfunding to increase donations. Crowdfunding has exploded as a global phenomenon and revolutionized the way artists and entrepreneurs get their funding.

Now Faith-Based Organizations, NGOs and Nonprofits are taking advantage of this innovation to amplify their message, reach more people, and increase their donations. Recent advances in technology and the rise of the social web make this possible and have led to the emergence of crowdfunding around the world. Professional fundraisers, volunteers, ministers and others are benefiting from this new way of raising money for the causes they believe in.

Benefits of Our Nonprofit Membership Program

  • Full access to our ground breaking, Crowdfunding for NGOs & Nonprofit Organizations program
  • Learn the secrets of amplifying you message with the social web and crowdfunding
  • Create self-sustaining funding sources
  • Engage your community of supporters/believers
  • Deepen the level of engagement in your church or faith-based organization
  • Raise money for  a specific project or goal
  • Reach a broader audience of young people with your message

Who is benefiting from this program?

  • NGOs and Nonprofit veterans who need to learn how to take advantage of social media tools like twitter and Facebook to reach more people and raise more money
  • Churches, ministers, and other faith based organizations that want to deepen the level of engagement with their community, increase contributions and reach younger members
  • Community groups raising money for a specific project
  • Schools or sport teams who need to increase funding
  • International Non-Governmental Organizations who are feeling pressure from their primary funding sources to find new and self-sustaining sources of revenue
  • Anyone who is passionate about a cause they believe in.

“The way nonprofits raise money is completely changing because of Crowdfunding!”
Alix Shaer, Veteran Nonprofit Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

Nonprofit Membership Level Includes

The complete Crowdfunding for NGO and Nonprofit Organizations program

  • Instant access to 5 Information Filled Video Segments – with one of America’s top Crowdfunding experts and a 20 year veteran fundraiser who has raised over $500 Million for the causes she believes in
  • Complete Course Notes – Detailed notes on each segment that are packed with the crucial information you need.
  • Interactive Campaign Planning Tool – Specially created for Nonprofits and NGOs to help you plan each important task, set target dates, assign responsibilities, and track progress.
  • 10 Traits of Successful NGO/Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaigns – Learn the secret traits that every successful crowdfunding campaign has.
  • 8 Essential Tips to Successful Fundraising – An 8 step guide by Alix Shaer a nonprofit fundraiser who has raised over $500 Million for the American Cancer Society.
  • 5 Steps to Creating a Self-Sustaining Organization With Crowdfunding – These 5 steps are important to moving your organization to self sufficiency.
  • Amplifying Your Message With Crowdfunding – a short guide to engaging vastly more potential donors by using crowdfunding and advances in technology.

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Complete Nonprofit Program for only $37.97


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Bonus_CD_NGO_v1ORDER NOW and We’ll Include the FREE BONUS SEGMENT…. Women and Crowdfunding for NGOs and Nonprofits – This short segment contains new data showing that women are having much greater success with crowdfunding compared to more traditional forms of fundraising.  The reason WHY women are so successful with this new way of raising money will amaze you.

 Alix Shaer, a 20 year veteran nonprofit fundraiser who has raised over $500 million for the American Cancer Society. She is the former National Director of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and a leading authority on nonprofit fundraising.

Sherwood Neiss is one of America’s most trusted authorities on Crowdfunding, author of Crowdfund Investing For Dummies, and one of the founders of the modern crowdfunding movement. He’s appeared on CNN, MSNBC, testified in front of the US Congress, and spoken at the White House about Crowdfunding.


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