allcoursesGold Membership Level is for people who want their questions answered by authors of the new crowdfunding law and the leading experts on crowd finance. This program level gives you all of our programs AND monthly webinars for 1 year so you can get all the information you need to succeed in your crowd funding campaign.

You’ll get all the value of the Keys to Successful Crowdfunding program, our Advanced Lessons in Crowdfund Investing product, AND our accredited investor program for individuals who may be accredited investors or are interested in raising money from accredited investors. Its called Opportunities and Risks of Private Company Investing: A guide For Accredited Investors.

In addition to all of that, the Gold Membership level includes Crowdfunding for NGO’s & Nonprofit Organizations, which offers a revolutionary new way for Faith Organizations, NGO’s, and Nonprofits to create self-sustaining funding streams and new ways of engaging and expanding your donor base.

Benefits of Gold Membership?

  • Gold membership offers full access to all of our programs
  • Introduces you to all of the different kinds of crowdfunding available
  • Learn what you need to know about Accredited Investors and how to attract them into investing in your campaign
  • Get 5 full live streaming video segments with the leading crowdfunding lawyer in the US walking you through exactly what you need to know to raise money from the crowd
  • Where are the best places to raise money online?
  • Get the tools and instructions you’ll need to take advantage of the billions of dollars that are expected to flow into new and small businesses as a result of this new type of finance
  • You’ll get full access to our Crowdfunding for NGOs & Nonprofits program which is completely changing the way nonprofits and faith based organizations/churches raise money and engage their donors


Gold Membership Level Includes

  • The complete Advanced Lessons in Crowdfund Investing program
  • Keys to Successful Crowdfunding course
  • Opportunities And Risks of Private Company Investing: A Guide For Accredited Investors, AND
  • Crowdfunding For NGOs & Nonprofits 
  • MONTHLY WEBINARS with Jason Best/Sherwood Neiss to discuss Crowdfunding Topics and answer your questions

Advanced LessonsAdvanced Lessons in Crowdfund Investing comes with…

  • Instant access to five streaming video segments/chapters
  • and ALL of the following documents
    • Interactive Project Planning Tool – to walk you through you crowdfunding/crowdfund investing campaign step by step. Usually reserved for our one on one clients only but now available with the Advanced Lessons.. course
    • Complete Due Diligence Request List – created by the leading crowdfunding lawyer in the US
    • Complete Course Notes Workbook
    • Quick Reference Guide to Title II and Title III of the JOBS Act
    • Quizzes after each chapter to test your knowledge
    • Certificate of Completion for those who pass this valuable course

Keys to Successful CrowdfundingKeys To Successful Crowdfunding program, which comes with…

  • Instant access to six streaming video segments/chapters
  • with All of the following documents
    • Complete Course Notes Workbook
    • The 10 Things All Investors Are Looking For
    • 10 Traits of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns
    • The 5 Documents that Every Offering Must have
    • 10 Secrets to Raising $1 Million in the Private Capital Markets
    • What You Can do NOW, Before the SEC Sets the Rules
    • How to Protect Your IP
    • Top Mistakes That Will Get You in Trouble With the SEC
    • What Kind of Businesses Are Right For Crowdfund Investing/Crowdfunding
    • How to Crowdfund in the US for Non-US Based Companies
    • Top Things to Look for in a Crowdfunding Platform


click to accessOpportunities And Risks of Private Company Investing: A Guide For Accredited Investors

  • Four instant access streaming video segments/chapters
  • and the following documents:
    • Due Diligence Checklist
    • Accredited Investor Checklist



Box_CDs_Brochures_NGO_v1Crowdfunding for NGOs & Nonprofit Organizations program

  • Five streaming video chapters/segments
  • and ALL of the following documents
    • Amplifying Your Message With Crowdfunding
    • 5 Steps to Creating a Self-Sustaining Organization With Crowdfunding
    • Interactive Campaign Planning Tool
    • 8 Essential Tips to Successful Fundraising
    • Complete Course Notes
    • 10 Traits of Successful Nonprofit/NGO Crowdfunding Campaigns


Get Access to the Crowdfunding Experts

Order Now and Receive: The Gold Membership Level

This includes the entire Advanced Lessons in Crowdfund Investing program,  the entire Keys To Successful Crowdfunding course program, AND the Accredited Investor Program ALONG WITH our acclaimed Crowdfunding for NGOs and Nonprofit Organizations program! A total of 21 video segments/chapters covering every aspect of raising money from the crowd using traditional crowdfunding AND the new form of crowdfunding (Crowdfund Investing) created with the JOBS ACT. You’ll also get 25 bonus tools, documents, and workbooks delivered to you instantly in downloadable format!

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We created this program for those who are serious about their futures. We are so sure that you are going to absolutely love this program that we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with this program simply let us know and we will refund 100% of your money. It’s as simple as that.*


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