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Compelling, affordable crowdfunding videos!Ripples Edge

Ripples Edge Media is a video production company with crowdfunding & social media specialties. Our goal is simple: Help non-profits and businesses harness the power of digital media and video to make lasting ripples online.

High quality video content is becoming increasingly important in any marketing or communications strategy. A video can instantly improve your brand, clarify your services, increase click-throughs and drive new supporters to your endeavors.

Whether you need a promotional clip or a video for a crowdfunding campaign, Ripples Edge Media has the equipment and expertise to deliver a unique and effective video tailored to your brand’s specific needs. As a small, passionate team, we work cooperatively to execute compelling, affordable Kickstarter and IndieGoGo videos. Additionally, we collaborate with videographers from all over the U.S., so no matter your location, or budget, we can produce a winning video pitch for your campaign.


We Make Public Speaking Easier!


Now eveyone has access to the professional training tools, tips, and techniques. It’s easy to improve your skills and make yourself a better public speaker. Just a Webcam, Computer, and You! Nothing to download and no special software to buy. With just your computer and a webcam you can upload your speech, record, and then playback your speech anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s secure, safe, and most importantly… private! At SpeechYou™ you can send your recorded speech to our professional coaches who provide you feedback to make your presentation really shine! Nobody else offers anything like it!


Who  A new and private way of leveraging your contacts to expand your business.

Who@ makes business networking easier, faster and more private.

In business it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Networking through “who you know” is the best way to get the kind of introductions that lead to the business you’re really after. Who@ helps you leverage who you know in a unique manner.

Who@ joins personal contacts in a private network and allows network members to see company names and titles, but not contact names and not the names of the people that own those contacts.


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Traklight can help you protect your intellectual property before you crowdfund

Traklight provides cost-effective online IP identification tools and resources that enable inventors, crowdfunders, entrepreneurs and small businesses to identify and protect their IP. Don’t let others steal your ideas.