If you are going to be selling debt or equity via Regulation Crowdfunding in your business you should become familiar with the following 2 documents.  The first is Form C. This form isn’t a “one time” use form but recurring one.  This is what compliance is all about.  This form is used for the SEC to track the initial offering, updates to the offering, changes to the offering, annual reporting and termination.  There are check boxes for each time you submit. Here are the 6 circumstances under which you need to submit this form:

  1. Before your offering is posted on a funding platform
  2. If and when you hit your funding target, particularly when you offering closes
  3. If you make any changes to your offering documents (and if any of the changes are material in nature that would affect an investor’s decision)
  4. When you file your company’s annual report to the SEC
  5. For any amendments to your company’s annual report
  6. If and when you decide to terminate your reporting to the SEC

Here’s Form C

Screenshot 2015-11-04 10.25.36










The second is an optional Q&A Form that can be submitted to the SEC.  While you don’t ‘have to’ submit this to the SEC, consider it best practices and that you should be able to answer all the questions in here before posting your offering.

Screenshot 2015-11-04 10.25.54

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